Thursday, August 31, 2017

2 Ways to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on iPhone/Android

Summary: Two tips and tricks to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone with specific date and time.

Now WhatsApp has been the most-used instant messaging app rather than those conventional text message app in the modern world. It is its security, reliability and cost effective service make WhatsApp a great success. However, there is one feature that is still not found in WhatsApp, which keeps it a little imperfect.

What Keeps WhatsApp A Step Behind Conventional Messaging Apps?

Yes, that’s the ability to schedule your messages. It is really a significant feature for many users out there, as it makes us get rid of the stress of remembering everything important. If that feature is available, you will never need to remind yourself to send certain messages to a person at a specific time. 

Even though WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to schedule messages, there are some workarounds you can have a try if you are searching for a way to schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone or Android phone. And the following article is about how to do that.

Schedule WhatsApp & iMessages on iPhone without Jailbreak

In this method for iOS users, we will use an app named Schedule. The advantage with this approach is that you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to schedule WhatsApp and iMessages on your iPhone and iPad.
Scheduled app is freemium app. If you desire for advanced features, you can get them from in-app purchase. 

Step 1. Install the app from App Store.
Step 2. Run the app and hit the Continue button.
Step 3. Tap on Enable Notificatioins and allow this app to send push notifications. Please remember this is the key for the app to work effectively.
Step 4. Select Create Message to compose your scheduled message.
Step 5. Hit To Whom? and allow the app to access your Contacts. Then choose a contact whom you want to schedule message to.
Step 6. Type your messages on Your Personal Message... field. Then set the scheduled date and time by clicking on When?
Step 7. Tap on Schedule at the upper right corner or Schedule Message at the bottom.

Step 8. Once the time you set above comes, a push notification will popup and remind you to send the message. Tap on the notification and then hit Send or Send With.
Step 9. Finally, choose to send the message through WhatsApp, iMessages or SMS.

Warm tip:
What if you lost your WhatsApp messages or media on iPhone/Android accidentally? Try this way to recover WhatsApp chat history.

Schedule WhatsApp on Android with SQEDit Scheduling App

Really, there are a bunch of apps available on the Play Store that claim to schedule your WhatsApp messages. Here I’m going to introduce SQEDit Scheduling App, which will not replace your WhatsApp app but act as an add-on for you to schedule WhatsApp, emails, text messages, calls and Facebook posts without root.

Step 1. After run the app on Android, tap on the WhatsApp icon and grant permissions. Or you can go to Settings > Advanced > Accessibility > SQEDit to do that manually.

Step 2. Launch the app and tap on WhatsApp icon again. And schedule WhatsApp message by selecting the contact and the date & time. This app also enables you to add attachments.

Step 3. The app will enable “Send Manually” by default, and you will get a notification at the scheduled time. If you disable it, the app will send the message automatically. Then tap on the SCHEDULE button at the upper right corner.

The app can’t automatically send scheduled messages when the phone is locked. If your phone is locked, the app will push you a notification to unlock the phone at the scheduled time. The only one solution is that you have to grant root access to your Android.

Even though these two methods to schedule WhatsApp have more or less drawbacks, but they are the best bets for the moment. If you know any other better solution to schedule WhatsApp on iPhone/Android, please share with us in the comment.

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